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October 25, 2013 No Comments by InfuseGuru

To our Infusers:

In the spring of 2012,  we felt strongly directed to pursue change in education–at first we laughed out loud and thought what can we do? And then we got to work. Because it mattered. Because there was both great need and great potential. Because we had unique experiences-expertise-energy and saw the possibility to provide tools to encourage teachers trying to make student thinking visible.

For specifics on the “change” we hope to see, check out our mini-manifesto.

From the outset of our journey we have been blessed with incredible users. Seriously–can we just tell you how awesome you are!! We are encouraged everyday by your enthusiasm, support, patience, and authentic praise!

Thank you for the way in which you “get it”. You see how student response can move beyond just entry-level questioning and  lower-order-thinking based assessments. You understand the pedagogy we had in mind and the shift towards a student-centered learning conversation with students taking on responsibility for their own learning! Thank you for how you encourage us to continue down the path of innovation and for your open mind towards trying things out with us along the way.

Thank you for engaging directly with us. We learn so much from you as we connect through emails, tweets, posts, skype, support tickets, spending time in your classrooms, and any other forms of communication that bring us together. One of our hopes is to break down some of the barriers between edtech companies and the educators they actually serve. So please know when you reach out–we all grow.

As lovely as it is to hear this positive feedback and start to see pieces of our vision coming to fruition–we have a long way to go. This means we know there are some major tech gremlins that have come up for some of you and inconsistencies related to our backend and the technologies our first iteration relies upon. We sincerely apologize for the frustration; for you and your students.

So, we  have made a decision. It’s time to iterate. We could throw time, money, and digital duct tape  at the current version of the program and continually put out fires that pop up–or we could take the time and focus needed to build Infuse 2.0. It’s time for out with the old and in with the new. We are rebuilding in a way that will allow us to grow and make the international impact we hope to see, giving you a valuable tool to radically change your classroom culture.








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