Infuse Learning

Student choice. Visible thinking. Easy. ‘Student response’ will never be the same.

Bridging the Gap

Breaking down the Language Barrier

Simple, yet Powerful

Brings Us All Together

Infuse Learning provides a platform by which teachers can seamlessly engage every student on any device. Make informed decisions at the point of instruction with real-time, student feedback.
Imagine a classroom where the language barrier ceases to exist. Captivate students with Infuse Learning by creating an environment in which they can read, listen, and participate in their native language.
Engaging every student in the new 21st Century Classroom doesn’t have to be difficult! With Infuse Learning, you can start today with little to no training or installation. Infuse Learning is dedicated to developing educational tools that are empowering, yet simple and easy to use.
Infuse Learning isn’t limited by device or location. Students in a distance learning environment, homebound students, or even students collaborating internationally can participate at the same time from any location via the internet.